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Jitter Fest!! Am I Crazy??

Nordic Jo's is doing the biggest, and possibly from a business perspective, dumbest thing we've ever done.  We're going to introduce you to a bunch of our competitors!  Why?  Because we love coffee, and it will be fun!

On Saturday, February 29th, Nordic Jo's Coffee is teaming up with Wild State Cider to bring you Nordic Jo's Jitter Fest!! This will be the best opportunity to try coffee from some of the best roasters in Minnesota.  We'll have a sample station going for you to sip all of the options, and then when you have found your favorite, we'll fresh brew you a cup or two.  Decide you want more, just come back up and grab another cup.  You can have as much as you want, and the best part is, you can just pay whatever you want.  We're not setting any prices for the coffee you drink.  

We'll also have some bags of the newest Nordic Jo's blends available for purchase. 

And here's some more good news.  This is all taking place inside a brewery, so once you've had your fill of coffee, you can switch right over to the delicious brews that Wild State Cider has on tap.  

Let's all get ready to get jittery!!  


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