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Can Drones Deliver Scalding Hot Coffee??

Coffee Innovations

By now, I think that everybody knows that Nordic Jo's is an innovator.  Some people might even say that Nordic Jo's is the most innovative coffee company.  I'm pretty sure I heard the guy in the bathroom stall next to me mumble it just last week.  Or maybe he was just grunting.  But I'm pretty sure he said it. 

I mean, the list of Nordic Jo's innovations goes on and on.  There was that coffee bean bag air freshener that I put in my car.  And that... well.... I don't need to bore you with a big list.  The point is, there are lots of big innovative new things coming out of Nordic Jo's all the time.

Which brings me to my exciting big announcement.  Someone asked me, "Can cups of scalding hot coffee be delivered by drone?"  I think it was that guy in the bathroom.  Maybe he wanted me to fly a cup over that stall door.  He had been there a while I think.  Constipation sucks.  By the way, coffee helps you be more regular.  It's a good thing to know.  Also, just realizing that it was weird that he said "scalding".  Why did "scalding" need to be specified? 

Anyway... it gave me an idea.  I figured, why can't scalding hot cups of coffee be delivered by drone?  So, I told my accountant, "I'm going to by a drone."  And she said, " Don't buy a f****** drone."  So I bought a drone.  I know, I know, you're going to say that I should listen to my accountant.  But here's the thing.  I pay her with a Sam's Club membership... So, should I really listen to an accountant that works for a Sam's Club membership?

So now we have the drone.  We have the coffee.  Now we just have to brew it up super hot, and you can order your coffee flown in right through your office window.  Please make sure you have your window open.  We've had some incidents with test flights.  Also, we are going to need you to sign a few very basic, very standard waivers.

Stay tuned for updates and other exciting news!


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