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About us

The True Tale of Nordic Jo’s

There once was a boy named Cody. Cody loved coffee. In fact, he loved the stuff so much that he became a bit of a connoisseur. Honestly, he became a bit of a coffee snob if we can be real with you. But he sure knew his coffee. 

He decided to put all that knowledge to good use. He stopped cornering his friends with pop quizzes (“what’s first crack?” “what’s chaff?” “why don’t you call me to hang out anymore?”) and got to work creating amazing coffee wrapped in a package that puts a smile on your face. 

Nordic Jo’s Coffee was built on the idea that coffee should be fun, and that’s what both the coffee and this website are all about.  From delightful flavors to corny jokes, we aim to be the brand that makes you smile. But not just that. Nordic Jo’s also strives to contribute to the communities that it serves. We do this by committing to donate a minimum of 5% of Nordic Jo’s profits to charities and worthy causes.  

Hope you enjoy! 

 Meet Nordic Jo and His Bros



He’s the main man. You can tell because he wears sunglasses. He is cool, calm, relaxed and collected. And he likes his coffee the same way, baby.


Larry is Jo’s right-hand man. As fastidious, nervous and persnickety as he looks, he has a real love-hate relationship with Jerry. As in Jerry loves Larry and Larry hates Jerry.


Jerry is Jo’s younger brother and earned his spot in the gang by birth, if not necessarily by merit. See, Jerry falls down a lot. If you invite him over he will accidentally break something. He never knows where his wallet is. Still, he’s a guaranteed good time. Classic Jerry.