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Nordic Jo’s…

Where did it all start?  Well, our story starts thousands and thousands of years ago.  Exactly how many thousands of years has been debated by scholars, historians, scientists, religious leaders and dental hygienists for almost as long as this story is old.  And like many stories worth telling, this is the story of a boy who met a girl.

One day, the boy of our story was out hunting and he stumbled across a girl foraging for berries or something.  When he got close to her, he could see that she was beautiful… Like I’m talking total hottie.  And she smiled at him.  And he knew, like any guy knows, if a girl smiles at you, that means she likes you.  He decided that she had to be the one.

Now the details of their courtship are lost to history, but we can make some assumptions. Back then, times weren’t as progressive as they are now, so it probably involved giving some sheep to her dad in exchange, or maybe it was goats or cattle… doesn’t really matter.  In any case, she probably had very little choice in the matter.  But hey, don’t blame me, I’m just saying that’s how it probably was.  And I’m sure that he was very nice to her.

After their courtship, they decided to have some children… probably a lot of them.  They were working on populating the Earth back then.  And those children grew up to have similar stories.  And the same went for the children’s children too, and so on and so on for generation after generation until one day I was born.  And then I decided to start a coffee company.  And there you have it.  The story of Nordic Jo’s Coffee. 

Okay, the real story.  Nordic Jo’s Coffee was built on the idea that coffee should be fun, and that’s what both the coffee and this website are all about.  From fun flavors to corny jokes, we aim to be the brand that makes you smile.  But Nordic Jo’s goes beyond that.  Nordic Jo’s strives to contribute to the communities that it serves.  We do this by committing to donate a minimum of 5% of Nordic Jo’s profits to charities and worthy causes.  And most importantly, we are all about good coffee.

Hope you enjoy!