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Cabin Calm Wholesale 8 Pack

$ 60.00

Cabin Calm is our bold but smooth dark roast from the Boutique Collection featuring Larry the Viking.

Larry works hard.  As Jo's #2 he spends his day making sure Jerry doesn't break anything, fall out of the boat, or lose their precious coffee beans.  So when work is over, he deserves a little time to sit back and relax, and that is why he loves Cabin Calm from the Boutique Collection.  This dark roasted, heavy bodied brew with sweet notes of milk chocolate and vanilla, and a hint of cherry is the perfect coffee for a peaceful rest next to a warm, cozy fireplace.  With a sweet molasses finish, Cabin Calm brings peace and tranquility.  So when you've had "one of those days", trust Larry and treat yourself to a cup of Cabin Calm.

Eight 8oz bags of Cabin Calm (ground)

Fair Trade Organic Dark Roast

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